"meninggalkan sesuatu amalan kerana manusia adalah riak manakala melakukan sesuatu amalan kerana manusia adalah syirik yang nyata"

~menulislah kerana Allah~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sounds of an unknown area


*please choose only one*

when too many things
come across your mind
you wouldnt know
which is which
should this or that                                                                          
be in the first place

life is all about decision
like it or not
you have to face it
this is the purpose of you,here
for you, He gave a'qal to think
to make a very important decision
from the very small matter
to the biggest

should you regret
to be in the chosen list?
no, i shouldnt (theoratically)
to make it practical
here you are
nah! FACE IT

take it or leave it?
"leave it..! can i..?"
you wont hear that
the sound from inside
with my mouth SHUT

this is all about me
the battle of an unknown area
no one would understand
thank you for reading
and try not to figure out

p/s: doakan sy exam, 28, 30 and 31 july 2009. to kak ngah, happy walimah day.


Zafree said...

Semoga dikurniakan hati yang tenang dan akal yang mampu memahami apa yang dipelajari dgn mudah

p/s : sori lamer x menjenguk blog, bnyk konflik diri :)

Imran said...

choose2! xD. May the forces be with you. =)

Anonymous said...

agreed with the decision-making


nedd said...


go girls ranger!

ahmad fitri said...

wlau aku xrse nk pahamkn ape yg mu tulis,,,
tp yg p/s tuh aku paham...
so,,gud luck...
semoga Allah memberkati & meredhai~

wardatul asrar said...

to zafree:

terima kasih untuk doa anda. terima kasih jgk, bg no fifah.

p/s: me too. moga Allah tingktkn darjat dlm pd konflik melanda.

to imran:

thanks. insyaAllah,i'll. (no choice)

to anonymous:

thanks. whut's up with [7]?

to nedd:

heh~ tringat zaman muda2. thanks, nedd..


to ahmad fitri:

mmg x perlu fhm..
thanks. ameen..

Ki3z said...

good luck :)doakan yg trbaik untuk mu, amin..

Hiromi Ichiban said...

>Wardatul Asrar

It seems dat, u r right... Life is about decision. FACE IT n not 2 take easy way. Its all bout Istikharah ,do prayers, tawakkal...-->MAKE DECISION..

Thanx, Gud Advice(",)