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~menulislah kerana Allah~

Monday, October 27, 2008

al-Khairiyah's Open-House

Just as the Pucuk Rebung members discussing for a visit during Aidilfitri.

We were informed by Dr. Asri that.....
ANSARA Jasin are organizing Rumah Terbuka ANSARA Jasin at Khairiyah itself!

Just to add up the info, the masjid that is pointed in the map is a big Masjid, mainly coloured Green and White.

2nd Gotong-Royong for Khairiyah

In conjuction with da upcoming open-house celebration at Khairiyah, which is scheduled on 1st of November 2008 (Saturday's evening); da group would like to invite all visitors of this blog for a Gotong-Royong at da orphanage.

Insya-Allah, da Gotong-Royong will take time on 1st November 2008 (Saturday's morning), under supervision from da organiser.

Those who interested to lend a hand, you may sms your full name to us,

Dhiyauddin or Helya
before 3.00pm, 29 Oct.
do note us if you are not sure how to get there.

In addition, da Raya Celebration at Khairiyah (mentioned below) comes with a reasonable fee,
RM 10 which later on will be used to improve da orphanage infrastructures and education facilities.

Selamat Hari Raya.

See you there, at Khairiyah

Expected TGBrianz on 1st Nov

This is da name list of TGBrianz 06/07 who might attend Khairiyah's Open-House on
1st of November 2008


  1. Dhiyauddin Athir bin Nadzari
  2. Mohammad Haziq bin Mohammad Sis
  3. Muhammad Irfan bin Mohamad Idrus
  4. Zaiem Akmal bin Zarkasi
  5. Badrul Hisham bin Burhanuddin
  6. Mohamad Khairul Amilin bin Ismail
  7. Abdul Hafiz bin Muhamad


  1. Helya bt. Ghafar
  2. Nor Ateeka bt. Mohammad Khamis
  3. Athirah Nur bt. Amirulhusni Alshukor
If any of you (06/07) wish to attend, u may register to Dhiyauddin or Helya.
Do spread on da words to others.

Syukran Jazilan.


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Syukran Jazilan ya ukhti for ur support!